Reiki Cairns Teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho, the gentle folk healing art of Reiki

The Extended Second Degree Training Programme

The Extended Second Degree Training Programme is an additional teaching that builds on, and extends the teachings given in a standard Usui Second Degree class. This programme has teachings not currently available in other such 'advanced' classes from other sources, as they are the programme modules unique to the Reiki tsm teachings.

The programme has two separate class modules to complete. The modules are of two separate weekends duration.

The programme is available to those with second degree and master level training, after determining compatibility of the personal form of practice with the teachings that will be given.

A time requirement has been set for practice and experience after having taken the standard Second Degree Class to be eligible to take the advanced level. At the time of writing this time period is two years. Evidence of previous Reiki training will be asked.

The first module is in part a review of what may have been taught in second degree, coupled with guidance on how to practice as an introduction to the teachings and experience of tsm in module two,

The second module requires having completed the first module and personal practice between modules one and two. The time between modules will normally be six months. Information normally included in master training is given in the second module.

NOTE* One does not become a teacher or Reiki Master as a result of taking this class module.

The Extended Second Degree Training Programme is an integral part of taking the Master Training that I offer.

A certificate of completion is issued. The tuition fee is $600 per module.
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