Reiki Cairns Teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho, the gentle folk healing art of Reiki

The Art of Healing

My many years experience leads me to a conviction that all healing is self healing. No one can heal you but yourself. The people who are called 'healers' are facilitators or catalysts of our healing process, creating an environment in which we are able us to heal ourselves.

The body is quite capable of healing itself when we get 'ourselves' out of the way. We are intimately involved in creating the life we experience through the choices that we make, and the solution also lies within ourselves. Our chosen therapist is an enabler of that solution.

The Body knows how to heal itself. Remove the cause and the ailment goes away. Good food, clean water, adequate rest, sufficient exercise, absence of environmental toxins and elimination of stressors, all impact and assist in this process.

The body is aware of its needs and gives warning signs when it becomes off balance. Stress is one of those warning signs. Ignoring the early warning signals inevitably leads to the body escalating its signals until it reaches pain or illness status.

Our medical and therapeutic systems are intended to support the body's natural processes. When our bodies are physically damaged our allopathic medical systems are without peer. But healing is more than fixing the body.

Beyond the medical and physical aspects of the healing process are a whole range of options and choices that are available to assist the body and to bring a degree of peace and balance to the mind and emotions.

Although I hear the word "hands-on healing" applied to my Reiki practice, it is not the hand that heals, but the heart. The hand is a powerful physical symbol, a sign, a connector bringing mind into awareness of the body, and perhaps into a place where forgiveness is possible, a coming home to a space of heart, to the experience of love that embraces self and others.

Healing may not necessarily happen in the form or in the time frame we might like, some physical processes are seemingly not reversible beyond a critical point. Nonetheless, relief from pain, or an improved condition of life have been consistently observed to result from natural healing arts.