Reiki Cairns Teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho, the gentle folk healing art of Reiki

Reiki Classes in Cairns & North Queensland

There are many different reasons for taking a class. It may be with the intention of helping others, or perhaps with the intention to help care for one person in particular. But whatever your reasons, or the situation, it is ultimately for yourself, as it is is you who will be in the midst of the experience of the phenomena of healing, which is much more than the limited concepts of the physical healing processes that are commonly associated with the word 'healing'.

While it is common to use the languge of 'learning Reiki" or 'taking a Reiki class', its not actually 'Reiki' that is taught. What is taught is a simple practice that you are encouraged to use on yourself on a daily basis, a practice that you will be able to extend to others, family, a friend, a loved one etc. An additional benefit that makes the practice a whole, a continuum of healing human relationship, is the possibility of interaction with others who have the Reiki practice. This enables you to receive support in the practice, as well as being able to give it.

The form of practice of the Usui System that I teach
(Usui Shiki Ryoho), is simple to learn. People of all ages are easily able to learn and to do the practice. There are no feats of memory or concentration required, no tests to pass, beyond being present in the class.

I teach my classes in a form that is called 'oral tradition', creating a context for the practice of the student through the telling of a narrative, a simple but many levelled story. The essence of the learning experience is "being there", an in-person connection with the teacher, and a process which initiates an opening to awareness of the 'essential self' that has been covered up by cultural and other conditioning, and painful life experiences.

The First Degree Class

The first degree class is the "entry level" class, where you are taught and begin the practice, enter into the experience of the nature of healing.

The class is in the form of four 3 hour sessions, over three or four consecutive days. The class form is basic and simple.

At the end of the class you will have all that you need to do the practice, and to continue to learn what the ongoing practice has to teach you, all on your own. This foundation is the whole point of the class. It is not the intent of this class to turn out a trained physical therapist. What is taught is for you, as a new practitioner to use on yourself, significant others and close friends.

This form of the practice of
Usui Shiki Ryoho does not involve teaching a meditation practice. The hands on practice is itself a meditative experience in stillness and being present. No belief system is taught in the class, nor do you have to change your existing belief system(s). No class manual is necessary, the class is truly that simple.

As in other aspects of everyday life, regular practice (preferably daily) is desirable to gain the benefit of this practice.

First degree is complete in itself; there is enough held in the experience of this aspect of the practice to last for a lifetime. There is no need to take further levels, although you may choose to do so.

You will receive a certificate of completion. The class fee is $250.

The Second Degree Class

The second degree class is for those who have taken the first degree class and who have developed a mature foundation practice over a period of time, the longer the better. It may be that from that experience, a natural impulse to go deeper into the practice will arise, leading into a very different aspect of healing, the nature of mind.

Second degree is not more powerful than first degree in spite of what is commonly said to that effect, nor does it confer greater healing ability. Many Reiki practitioners take the first degree only, and are very capable practitioners. Second degree is a different way of practice, with a different set of lessons and teachings for the practitioner, building on and extending the self healing practice begun in first degree.

As always, practice is essential to gain the benefit of what is taught in the class, to allow the practice to open the mind to new possibilities. The class is in the form of three 3 hour sessions, over 3 days.

You will receive a certificate of completion. The class fee is $600.

Arranging Classes

If you would like more information on classes, have decided you would like to take a class with me, or would like to bring a class to wherever you live, please be in touch. Contact options are given on the contact page.