Reiki Cairns Teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho, the gentle folk healing art of Reiki

About Reiki Cairns

Reiki Cairns is the business name under which Mark presents Reiki classes and other Reiki related workshops in Cairns and North Queensland.

About Mark Ruge

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Mark began his practice of Reiki in early 1992, and completed the Masters level in mid 1993.

Mark has been a member of The Reiki Alliance, an international masters membership body, since 1994, and has served on the board of directors 2000-2003, and as an interim director in 2016 and 2019.

Mark's understandings and experience of of the Reiki practice have led to the founding of Reiki tsm, to present previously unrecognised teachings embedded in the Usui System.

Mark has a public Reiki Practice based in the local markets in Kuranda, near where he lives on the far North East coast of Australia. He teaches classes on request.

For Mark, Reiki practice is an everyday occurrence, as a personal private practice or shared with others in a therapy form. The Reiki practice is a way that Mark has used with great effect to navigate the challenges of his own life. He is happy to share how you can use this practice to do the same.

Please feel free to be in touch to take a class, or to have an experience of the Reiki practice from a very experienced practitioner.

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